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Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda

Dr Kenneth Kaunda District… an infinitive tapestry of green maize and yellow sunflower fields, alternated with bushveld plains, dotted with wild olive and umbrella thorn trees.

An outdoor adventurer’s paradise, offering hiking trails, mountain biking trails, canoeing, white water rafting, mountain climbing, abseiling.

Lodges along the Vaal River afford some of the best angling and flyfishing opportunities in South Africa.

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Potchefstroom Tourism Asociation

Potchefstroom is a city situated on the N12 treasure route that offers all the amenities you would expect from a city but also offers a rural atmosphere, safe environment and beautiful surroundings, all only an hour’s drive from Johannesburg.

A rich cultural history as well as the close proximity to the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site and Vaal River, makes Potchefstroom the ideal base to explore the region.  Beautiful Historical buildings, galleries and parks on the banks of the Mooi River offer our visitors an opportunity to truly experience our culture and heritage.

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Buffelspoort Valley is situated in the Magaliesberg, which is an area of scenic beauty, unique natural features, rich historical, archaeological and cultural value and abundant biodiversity.

These features make Buffelspoort Valley particularly valuable for tourism and recreation as well as a focal point for nation-building – whether our ancestry is Tswana, Nguni, Boer or British, we will find roots here. However, these unique features also make it imperative that any development or use of the Magaliesberg & Buffelspoort Valley region must be circumscribed by sound, sustainable management principles and practices.

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